Can Sports 789club – Super standard soccer betting experience

Meta: 789club sports section is a place that provides diverse odds tables for dozens of matches? Let’s learn about the types of bets available at 789club and how to play effectively.

Can Sports 789club – Super standard soccer betting experience

789club is one of the game portals that is highly appreciated for its diversity of products. The one that receives the most attention and acceptance is sports betting, an area of ​​strong investment interest. Let’s learn about the types of bets at 789club sports and some tips to help players win big.

Overview of 789club sports section

789club is a name that is not too unfamiliar to online bettors in Vietnam. In the first 3 months of 2024, this playground is continuously in the top 5 game portals with strong growth in the number of members. Coming here, everyone will have the opportunity to choose dozens of game titles covering the most popular fields today.

Learn about 789club sports betting

Among the products this game portal brings, sports are always strongly welcomed. Every day on the sports section 789club provides dozens of matches belonging to the famous tournament system. Besides, the diverse odds table with high bonuses is also the reason why this playground is popular.

These tournaments are offered at 789sportsclub

Currently, in the sports section, 789club only provides players with soccer products. However, the diversity of this subject is enough to fully meet the needs of players. On average, every day this playground offers more than 20 football matches for people to bet on. Most of which are the world’s most prestigious and famous tournaments from club to national team level. Some professional football tournaments regularly appear at 789club such as:

  • Premier League.
  • The league.
  • A league.
  • League 1.
  • UEFA Champions League.
  • Europa League.
  • J-League.
  • V-League,…

What types of bets does 789club have?

Although it is a fairly new game portal, 789club is not inferior to other playgrounds in terms of investment. In particular, the 789club sports betting odds table is extremely diverse and fully meets all customer needs. Below are the popular odds people will encounter at 789club’s odds table.

Asian odds

This is a popular type of bet and is never missing in any match or playground. The handicap rate is determined by 789club experts based on the difference in strength between the two teams. Compared to many other competitors, the handicap rate of this playground does not fluctuate too much. Therefore, players can view the odds and place their bets early before the match.

Familiar handicap odds at 789club

Over/under goal bet

This is a type of bet that brings a fairly high winning rate of up to 50% for players. For over/under bets, players only need to make one of two predictions for the final total number of goals: over or under. Suppose the game portal offers a ratio of 2.5, then if the total goals of the two teams are 3 or more, the bettor wins. On the contrary, if the total number of goals is less than 3, the under bettor will receive a prize.

1×2 odds in 789club sports

Besides the above two types of bets, European odds or 1×2 is also the main form of bet. With this type of bet, players do not need to care about the number of goals or handicap. What you need to do is predict the final result of the match. Specifically, the types of bets in 1×2 bets include:

  • 1: Bet on the home team to win.
  • 2: Predict the winning team to be the away team.
  • x: Predict that the two teams will leave the field with a draw.

Correct score bet

Among 789club sports bets, this is the type of bet with the highest odds. Normally the lowest payout ratio for correct score bets is always higher than 1:4. Especially for the larger the odds, the higher the payout ratio, up to dozens of times the bet.

Corner kick bet

Among the types of side bets, corner kicks are favored for development in many forms. You can play corner kicks for the first half or the whole match. There are common types of corner bets such as: handicap corner, over/under corner and 1×2 corner.

The diversity of corner kicks at 789club sports

Even and odd soccer odds

Odd even odds have a very simple way to play with extremely high winning probability. Your task is to determine whether the total number of goals is even or odd. If the prediction is correct, the player will receive a reward with the common odds for even odds being 0.91 and odd odds being 0.97.

Reasons to bet on 789club sports

Although the field of sports betting is being developed in many game portals. However,789club sports still receives the most attention and strong acceptance. Below are the reasons why players should experience 789sportsclub and not elsewhere:

  • Sports betting at 789club is provided with a odds table very early, with a very low range of odds fluctuations.
  • 789club does not offer too many types of bets to help players not get confused. You can focus all your mind on familiar bets.
  • The payout rate at the playground is better than many competitors, promising to bring huge prizes.
  • 789club regularly applies many promotions for members to bet on sports.


Above is information introducing common types of bets when betting on 789club sports. If you are a sports lover, this is exactly the right playground for you. Come on, quickly register for a 789club account and experience exciting football matches right away.